Juniper QFX5120 Ethernet Switch – Manageable – 3 Layer Supported – Modular – Optical Fiber – 1U High – Rack-mountable – 1 Year Limited Warranty QFX5120 Switch delivers low latency, rich Layer 2 and Layer 3 features, and advanced EVPN- VXLAN capabilities, making it an ideal data center top-of-rack and aggregation switch for enterprise multi-cloud deployments.

Featuring Layer 3 gateway capabilities for routing between virtualized and bare-metal servers, the QFX5120 is designed for extremely agile data centers that require support for overlay/ underlay network architectures. Native 25GbE with 100GbE up-link ports on the QFX5120-48Y, combined with 32 ports of 100GbE on the QFX5120-32C, make the QFX5120 family ideal for leaf-and-spine network deployments.


  • Up to 48 25GbE ports and eight 100GbE up-link ports in a 1 U platform
  • Up to 2 Tbps L2 and L3 performance, with latency as low as 550 nanoseconds


Juniper QFX5120-48Y-AFO2 and Their Series Capacity

The Juniper is essential for our company; the designing for modules to run efficiently in Juniper. It’s a branch application that applies for a simple structure. Juniper QFX5120-48Y-AFO2modules ensure building with advanced and triple layers ensuring simple monitoring and troubleshooting. The usage of these modules is for power supply. Furthermore, switching availability in this module will strengthen the system networking. So, these switches provide network security and simplicity in the system module. The Juniper switch consists of 3 layers. Energy is always on saving electricity. Therefore, it does leak of our any data. The system skewers our system and works if correct. You can make a proper partition between things so that they remain manageable by the users.

In addition, the triple-layer switching is available with 12 partially distributed ports to maintain power efficiency. Thus, Juniper QFX5120-48Y-AFO2series provides a better control system for the user, so the Juniper Series ensures the security of our company’s data because your data is protected when you install it. However, supporting these series is not difficult. This will help if you have to skewer your system; this Expansion Module protocol will support your router. The LED indicates that the MPC is operating normally or the link is up. However, they serve with an extensive network system and transmit information throughout China. These second-hand series are more appropriate when you start using them on a large scale. You cannot judge anything so early as it is vital to know all the things about them at the right time in an appropriate way.

Additionally, the OK or FAILED will be a bi-color, and the yellow color cannot represent the Juniper QFX5120-48Y-AFO2. Finally, because the link is down and inactive, moderate the temperature according to the system and requirements to maintain the system well. In addition, Networks MX Series Universal Routing Platform is the industry’s first series of universal routing platforms for enterprises moving business-critical applications to public clouds. Moreover, the network evolution is happening now. These switches strengthen the system, provide network security in the module, give the company better scalability, and provide simplicity. The Networking done in this module is safe and cannot lead you to any problems. This series is not the first choice of any user, but once they use it, they don’t go anywhere because they are reliable and safe. So, judge the series capacity while installing the Juniper router series on your device.


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