HPE AP-515 802.11ax 5.40 Gbit/s Wireless Access Point – 2.40 GHz, 5 GHz – MIMO Technology – 2 x Network (RJ-45) – Bluetooth 5 – Ceiling Mountable, Wall Mountable, Rail-mountable

With an increasing number of mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) devices reliant on wireless access, networks must be capable of accommodating a diverse mixture of device types, applications and services.

The Aruba 510 series campus access points with 802.11ax technology are designed to deliver high performance access for mobile and (IOT) devices in environments where density is an issue. The 510 series uses 802.11ax features to efficiently and simultaneously serve multiple clients and traffic types in dense environments, increasing data rates for both individual device and overall system.

The 510 series support all mandatory and several optional 802.11ax features, which includes up- and downlink OFDMA with up to 16 resource units, multi-user MIMO (MU-MIMO), 4×4 MIMO with up to four spatial streams in 5GHz and 2×2 with up to two special streams in 2.4GHz, channel bandwidths up to 160MHz (5GHz; 40MHz in 2.4GHz), and 1024-QAM modulation.

The 510 series supports maximum data rates of 4.8Gbps in the 5GHz band and 575Mbps in the 2.4GHz band (for an aggregate peak data rate of 5.4Gbps). Each AP supports up to 256 associated client devices per radio (typical recommended limit for active clients is 150), making the mid-range 802.11ax 510 series APs ideal for high density environments, such as schools, retail branches, hotels and enterprise offices.

In addition to 802.11ax standard capabilities, the 510 Series supports unique features like Aruba ClientMatch radio management and additional radios for location services and IoT applications. This delivers an unsurpassed user experience in today’s all-wireless digital work environment and offers up to 4x higher capacity in a cost-effective manner.


The Aruba 510 Series will efficiently and simultaneously serve multiple clients, increasing data rates for both individual devices and as an overall system. Two key features of 802.11ax are multi-user connectivity and enhanced efficiency using Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (OFDMA) and multi-user – multiple input multiple output (MU-MIMO).

Multi-user transmission with downlink and uplink OFDMA – OFDMA increases user data rates and also reduces latency, especially for large numbers of devices with short frames or low data-rate requirements, such as voice and IoT devices. By providing multi-user capabilities, a channel can be divided in the frequency domain, and multiple transmissions can be carried simultaneously. OFDMA is particularly effective in raising network efficiency and capacity where there are many devices, short frames, or low data-rate streams.

Multi user transmission with downlink multi-user MIMO – MU-MIMO is another multi-user capability, originally introduced in 802.11ac. This improves network capacity by allowing multiple devices to transmit simultaneously.

Energy efficiency – As higher performance 802.11ax access points will handle a greater number of devices and traffic, they will be driving the need for more power consumption. To offset these demands, Aruba NetInsight includes a feature called GreenAP which allows the 510 series access points to draw less power when it’s not being used, such as evenings when the buildings are empty.


Why We Select HPE Q9H62A Series?

You may have used many HPE devices in your daily life, but using this device will make your life happy. When buying used network devices like the HPE Q9H62A series, you should know what you are looking for because the better you buy, the better you will be able to make a profit. Furthermore, your deal will be better with more information about your product and potential price ranges. There are many places where you can find such products as several dealers, both online and offline, to help you. With a little effort, you can find quality products at affordable prices. In addition, you can manage the cost of this series as they help them to work properly at the best price. On the other hand, this series will make your system friendlier so that there is no complication while working.

It’s essential to know everything before you buy it so when buying used goods, you must understand what you are buying. So, if you don’t, you may end up with a broken HPE Q9H62A series. Don’t try to buy something you don’t know about. Also, check for quality and satisfaction when making your purchase. Always ask for a warranty before buying something that is mandatory in our life. Convenience and security are there. If cooperation is not maintained in a company, it isn’t easy to develop it. HPE builds the foundation for Software Defined Access, their leading enterprise architecture. And this architecture is not for every company, so not every company can thrive. You can randomly fix any system for the practice but these series make them more preferable with all the installation of system modules.

Today’s people’s thinking is changing as they see the fast-growing technology in the world so their thinking is also increasing regarding how they should cooperate with a good company and how that company can help people. Statements in the HPE world are also doable with repopulating and reconfiguring HPE modules. Money in your pocket is essential to get a new and valuable HPE series because we need money to buy anything; it takes a lot to buy it. There are no more choirs left behind if you start using this series in your system upgrading session or to make them more appropriate. However, it is important thing that your system will stay upgraded as it is the need of modern times.


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