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Devices with no native wireless support can be easily integrated into a wireless LAN (WLAN) using the HP 501 Wireless Client Bridge. The HP 501 Wireless Client Bridge can bridge up to 15 Ethernet client device running a legacy networking protocol to the WLAN, extending wireless network access to a wide range of protocols. An integrated serial to TCP/IP converter enables a RS-232 asynchronous terminal device to communicate with a compatible station on the network. Strong enterprise-class layered security features, including an IEEE 802.1X supplicant, protect the network from intrusions.



HPE J9853A 2530-48G-PoE+-2SFP+ Switch

The Aruba HPE J9853A 2530-48G-PoE+-2SFP+ Switch provides a fully managed series of switches with high-end security and the ease of customer or for enterprises and SMBs. The HPE 2530 switch series offer litheness with four Gigabit or 10 Gigabit Ethernet on 24 to 48 port models. The HPE Switches provide a wired or wireless user experience with a network management tool like Clear Pass Policy Manager and Air-wave Network Management. The Gigabit 24 and 48 port models have two small form-factor pluggable plus series or four form-factor plug-gable plus series for the better connection.

The Fast Ethernet port models have two SFPs and RJ-45 Gigabit with the compact 8 port which offers additional support to the system. The HPE PoE+ switches modules are IEEE 802.3af and IEEE 802.3at with more than 30 W per port capacity. This HPE J9853A 2530-48G-PoE is highly suitable for audio, video or wireless positioning.

The HPE J9853A is 2 layer switch series that is cost-effective and more reliable. The HPE PoE+ switches support twisted pair media types with a total 48 number of ports. The PoE+ power is 382 W and the switching capacity is 136 GB/s. The dimension of HPE PoE+ product is weight 44.3, depth 32.26 and height is 4.45 cm (17.44 x 13.00 x 1.75 In). The weight of a single product is 4.72 kg or 10.4 lb. The Aruba HPE PoE+ is mounting with different software and managed by many integrated systems. The HPE product is completely monetized by many professionals doing manufacturing and it will help you to increase the system capability.


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