Axiom 64GB DDR4-2933 ECC LRDIMM for HP – P00926-B21 – For Server – 64 GB – DDR4-2933/PC4-23466 DDR4 SDRAM – 2933 MHz – CL21 – 1.20 V – ECC – 288-pin – LRDIMM – Lifetime Warranty

Axiom’s DDR4 Modules use the latest evolutionary DRAM design, provides improved speed, power management and reliability. The release of DDR4 delivers an overall performance improvement of up to 30% for single DIMM configurations. DDR4 performance scales up to 65% faster in 3-DIMM per channel (3DPC) applications over DDR3.

High bandwidth and faster data rates combined with lower voltage demands deliver the most compelling and significant DRAM computing update in the past decade.

DDR4 Features:

  • 100% Increase in speed – Faster Data Rate equates to more responsive application loads on data-intensive programs.
  • 300% increase in component densities – Equals larger modules for next-generation performance demands.
  • 20% decrease in power consumption – Less power consumed means less wasted resources to cool systems and reserves battery program for mobile devices.
  • Provides greater reliability, availability and serviceability (RAS) in enterprise applications – Complete integrity and fault tolerance for longer periods without system failure.
  • Improved data signal.


HPE P00926-B21 Featured Series and Scalability

P00926-B21 is very popular all over the world. HPE is very important for our company; the design of this series is to run modules efficiently and works well. It is a branch application applies for a simple structure, which brings us a lot of ease. These modules come forward with advanced triple layers so you can do more work and communicate information to others, ensuring simple monitoring and troubleshooting. The usage of these modules is for power supply and is very popular worldwide. The availability of switching in this module will strengthen the system networking. These switches do not consume much power. These switches provide network security and simplicity in the system module. And this company’s controller also comes with a warranty. This switch consists of 3 layers. Each layer has different properties. Energy is always on saving electricity.

The good thing about the company is that the quality of this company is excellent. HPE P00926-B21 has designed the modules to operate efficiently. In addition, triple-layer switching is available with 12 partially distributed ports to maintain power efficiency without any inconvenience. This series provides better control for the user. It gives the system that controls everything. HPE Series ensures the security of our company’s data because your data is protected when you install it. There are some companies where there is a lot of fraud, don’t keep your data safe, and don’t have any relationship with such a company. However, these series are difficult to support. Moreover it is an extensive network system.

It serves and transmits information across China so that others can benefit from it. However, the two use different form factors, so you cannot install port modules in the MPC, nor can you install MICs in the Flex IOC. Module means the specific part of the Application Software as specified in the documentation available to the Customer under the Notification Form. Termination shall not be considered provided the established port connection is uninterrupted and re-established with the new service loop facility. The usage of HPE P00926-B21 is in organizations with an extensive network and they customize to enhance the functionality of a particular network. These are the most expensive options, but their scalability makes them ideal for a growing network.


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